Fencing for PV

We offer delivery and installation of panel or mesh fencing, gates and additional security features for photovoltaic projects.

In order to protect the photovoltaic installation from unauthorized access, Ecotec specialists will prepare the design of a suitable solution for the fencing system according to investment needs, including the preparation of construction documentation, and design gates for industrial and agricultural areas for special needs.

As standard, we also offer a comprehensive service in the supply, installation and selection of gate automation:

• panel fences or mesh fences
• double-leaf or sliding gates
• other customized solutions

A strong and durable fence will help to secure your investment and, as a result, ensure that you achieve the expected profits. Caring for the satisfaction and success of its customers, Ecotec has enriched its offer with leading security solutions - fences that meet the expectations placed in them.


Panel fences

Panel fencing is a functional and durable solution. For our investments we offer fences in three variants - triple wire panel, double wire panel and mesh fences, each of which can be additionally secured with single, double and triple barbed wire.

The basic protection of the fence coating is hot-dip galvanizing. Protection performed according to the ISO 1461 standard is carried out by immersing the prepared fence elements in a vat of zinc (Zn) heated to a temperature of about 450-500 degrees. The result of such a bath is the formation of a thick layer of zinc both on the outside and inside of the product. Each element supplied to our customers is checked for compliance with the aforementioned standard.

In addition, it is possible to choose any color from the RAL palette.


Mesh fences

Mesh fences are an efficient and fulfilling solution. The fences in Ecotec's offer are topped with barbed wire. They are available in heights from 1000 to 2000 mm. The wire of the mesh can have diameters in the standard galvanized version: from 1.2 to 3.5 mm, depending on the height and distance between posts.

It is up to the customer to choose the finish of the mesh. Possible variants are:
• one-sided folded,
• normal straight,
• as well as twisted on one side and bent on the other.

Mesh fencing is easy to install, economical, resistant to corrosion and varying weather conditions.
Mesh fencing also undergoes hot-dip galvanizing, which is completely safe for the environment and provides the material with additional mechanical resistance.




Ecotec's offer also includes functional entrance gates that can be matched with both mesh and panel fences.
Standard double-leaf gates are available up to a passage light width of 8 meters, offered most often for entrances to industrial areas such as solar parks. For better operating efficiency and durability, our gates are equipped with two-way hinges.

You can also choose accessories such as locking bolts, protective comb or single lock. The customer is free to choose a color in the RAL range, so the gate can be consistent in color with the rest of the fence.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Gates

An additional convenience for Ecotec's customers are Heavy Duty gates, which we custom-design for up to 15 meters respectively.

As a result, they make it easy for even large construction, agricultural machinery or special vehicles to enter. They are durable, resistant to overloading, but also to mechanical loads and changing weather conditions. To order in various versions - sliding on rollers or rails, and even on sliding carriages, that is, in an overhead version.

For added security, we recommend the use of, for example, a key box or double lock.



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